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Suggestions for first Door to Door canvassing

Thank you for volunteering.  Below are some suggested guidelines and strategies.  Use your own discretion and develop the style that works for you.  We recommend you go in pairs rather than solo. 

Primary goal of first door-to-door visits:
-Engage with community members in a friendly, rapport and relationship-building manner, for the purpose of increasing voting interest and eventually/ ideally (when closer to the primary), turning out voters to support a challenger to Devin Nunes.  
-Identify and capture community members who are interested and willing to join our efforts!

How to do canvassing:
1.     The approach we initially take is to engage people in a friendly, non-threatening manner as a fellow concerned community member. The best way to accomplish this is to listen (more than talk!) to learn and pass on what issues most concern them. 
2.     Introduce yourself, mentioning that you are part of a grassroots effort to reach out to community members. You can mention the specific group with which you are affiliated (e.g. PUSH, South Valley Civics, Unseat Nunes, etc.). 
3.     Ask if they are willing to share what their concerns are as a member of District 22, perhaps giving some examples like health care, air quality, women’s rights, etc. 
5.     Use reflective listening skills (paraphrasing what they said and asking if you understood them correctly, or have that right). Try to respond genuinely in a concerned way or identify shared values. 
6.     You can ask if they plan to vote and if they want to be updated about challengers to Devin Nunes, remind them when the Democratic convention is near, etc. 
7.     Write down e-mail addresses legibly  (double-check that you have it correct)
8.     Offer some handouts as appropriate (see below). 
9.     Remember to thank them for their time and encourage them to make contact if they have questions &/or want to get involved in some way. 
10.    Note: not every contact will go smoothly, especially at the beginning when you are figuring out your style and what words and phrases to use. Some people won’t respond well regardless, so be kind to yourself and take it all with a grain of salt! If you can leave a flyer or tell them about the unseatdevinnunes website, consider that a success. 

Precinct walking strategies:
Using your precinct map, determine if you prefer to go to every house (regardless of party affiliation), or those listed as having Democratic (or also No Party Preference/ Decline to State) voters. Either way is ok, and use your own discretion and intuition for each potential/actual contact.

Handouts / Voter registration
You can provide any of the flyers that seem appropriate to each household.   
If no one answers the door, please leave the primary information flyer at the front door.

Tell them how they can register online and Voter Registration Forms. has a link for online registration. Online registration takes only a few minutes to complete.  Young voters are more likely to register via the internet.  Also, suggest that they choose the Vote-By-Mail option as it will increase their likelihood of voting.

After you depart, note the interest level of the community member on the following rating scale: 
5- High interest, already politically involved as a Dem or anti-Nunes
4-Strong interest and identifies with Democratic values. Potential for volunteerism
3 -Plans to vote, has some interest and knowledge about politics
2- Apathetic, unaware or unconcerned about Democratic issues   
1- Strongly opposed to Democratic Party, Democratic values and views 

Follow-up visits should be made to those deemed a 3 or above. Use your discretion to determine if those with a 2 should be re-visited. Anyone who is not opposed to the Democratic Party and/or its values warrants a follow-up at least to ensure they are registered and will pledge to vote, unless they have indicated they do not want such follow-up. 

Potential Volunteers:
Invite them to go to the website. ( where they can obtain more information, register to vote, and sign up to get emails &/or volunteer)

or provide info to your precinct leader