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As a nation, we have a moral obligation to take care of those who have put their lives on the line to defend us.  Veteran's service should include fully funded VA medical and dental services, mental health counseling, and family assistance.  It includes caring for the hundreds of thousands of veterans with multiple amputations, loss of eyesight, post-traumatic stress disorder and/or traumatic brain injury. It includes veterans who are having difficulty keeping jobs in order to pay their bills, and it includes the terrible tragedy of veterans committing suicide. -From Bernie Sander's web site-. 



National Security


Given the profound concern of Russian interference in the Presidential Election and the possible link between the Trump Campaign and Vladimir Putin, our congressman Devin Nunes, as  Chairman of Intelligence Committee, had an obligation to America to investigate and find out the truth in Russian interference of the election, one of our most sacred democratic processes.

Instead, Nunes utterly failed his responsibility as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. His  handling of the Russia-Trump probe was terribly inept, partisan, and dishonest.  
The Fresno Bee editorial correctly printed:  ‘Russia-Trump probe is in chaos, and Rep. Devin Nunes is to blame”.  Devin Nunes cannot do his job. We need a nonpartisan, independent investigation to get to the truth behind Russia-Trump connections.

In this time of national security crisis, Nunes’ true self was revealed and showed his incompetence and lack of integrity.  We need a competent candidate who stands with us and the U.S.



Fresno is the 7th poorest major city in the America

"Like many other communities in California's Central Valley, Fresno is dependent on agriculture sector jobs and low-paying farm work.  "It's a pretty ag-heavy region, so the inequality of wages and the opportunity to earn better wages is really skewed," Caroline Farrell, executive director of the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, told the Associated Press back in 2012. "If you own a farm, you're apt to earn more wealth, while if you're a farm worker, don't earn very much." That lack of economic diversity also keeps many people away from looking for better-paying work." (Source:CBS

We need a candidate who supports our agricultural economy, but can also be a catalyst for the diversification of our economy.  With increasing diversification of our economy, more of us can participate in the American dream and our young people won't have to leave here for better career opportunities.  

We need a candidate who recognizes the importance of a strategic approach to address the unique challenges of the valley and who supports our local businesses to compete globally by advocating fairness for small businesses and eliminating anti-competitive subsidies for big businesses.



A 2010 report from the Milken Institute found three San Joaquin Valley cities among the ten least-educated in the country.  We are often called “the Appalachia of the West”.

As noted in "The Economist", "Poor schooling is a chronic problem in the valley, but an even worse one nowadays, where many manufacturing and agricultural jobs require more skills than before.  Businesses throughout the valley find it hard to recruit locally. Ambitious types tend to leave. Such concerns loom large in Fresno and the Census Bureau predicts that one in six graduates will leave the place." 

We need a candidate who supports our local public schools.  Our public schools need to thrive so that our children can have great teachers and can get a cutting edge education.  We need a candidate who is bold enough to develop a bipartisan coalition to support educational opportunities in the valley and create intellectual career opportunities to combat chronic brain drain. 

We need a candidate who will make college education more affordable.



A complete contradiction to main stream scientific knowledge: This is Devin Nunes' position on Global Warming.

Issue Position: Global Warming      By: Devin Nunes   Date: Jan. 1, 2012 

                                Global warming is a term that we hear on the television and read about in newspapers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a significant amount of the information conveyed by mass media outlets, environmental activists, and political organizations has been highly misleading and sensationalized.

                                As we evaluate this issue carefully, it is important to remember the scientific limitations which impact our understanding. Countless studies have been published - many of them contradicting - related to global warming. The fact of the matter is that there are aspects of climate science that are proven, and there are other aspects that have significantly less certainty. Scientists have documented that the Earth's temperature is rising. However, scientists admit that they cannot be sure whether the Earth's temperature is rising due to cyclical warming and cooling processes, or whether and how much humans are influencing it.

                                Despite dire predictions and prophetic warnings contained in a host of poorly researched Hollywood productions, there is no proof that our planet is                                           warming because of mankind and there is certainly no proof that any of the radical changes proposed by environmentalists will end recent warming trends.(For full statement click here)

Outragious statement from Scott Pruitt, Trump's EPA director about global warming!

Outrageous statement from Mick Mulvaney, Trump's budget director!


Here is the statement from The Union of Concerned Scientists. 

"We are the cause. We are overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, which traps heat and steadily drives up the planet’s temperature. Where does all this carbon come from? The fossil fuels we burn for energy—coal, natural gas, and oil—plus the loss of forests due to deforestation, especially in the tropics. The scientific evidence is clear. Within the scientific community, there is no debate. An overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that global warming is happening and that human activity is the primary cause."


AirPollution. The Central Valley has some of the dirtiest air in the nation. The health-related costs for the poor air quality are estimated at $1.7 billion per year($1,124 per person, noted in Fresno Bee (June 14, 2016).

Devin Nunes doesn't seem to understand that having clean air is essential to our health and our quality of life.  

We need a candidate who supports clean air and clean water.  We need a candidate who respects our scientific experts, not his political lobbyists.

We need a candidate who will enforce our environmental laws.  We need a candidate who supports our national parks, our wildlife, and our natural environment. 

Water Issues

Conclusion (from water stress and a changing San Joaquin Valley report)
The San Joaquin Valley is at a pivotal moment. As a national agricultural powerhouse at the epicenter of many of California’s most difficult water management problems—including groundwater overdraft, drinking water contamination, and declines in habitat and native species—it faces unprecedented challenges and inevitable change. These adjustments will entail some near-term costs, including the likely retirement of some less productive irrigated land. But done well, there are opportunities for substantial benefits from improving the valley’s water management. These include more reliable water supply for the region’s most valuable agricultural activities, safer water and air for a growing population, and a reinvigorated natural environment that supports diverse plant and animal life as well as improved outdoor recreational opportunities

Water issues in the valley are very complex.  Unlike Devin Nunes who uses water issues for his political manipulation, we truly need a candidate who puts all of the valley's needs into consideration. 


Health Care


Our Representative in the House, Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) voted in support of Trumpcare. In a district with high numbers of residents who rely on Medicaid, Nunes has voted to pull the rug out from under them. -full article here-

If there was any doubt, it evaporated Thursday: President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in the House of Representatives want to make America sick again.

According to the left-leaning Center for American Progress, people with pre-existing conditions can now expect shockingly high surcharges on their insurance premiums if the bill passes the Senate.  For Rep. Devin Nunes’ district, people with pre-existing conditions are 298,800, including 46,700 children.

What they backed Thursday was legislation that provides $600 billion in tax cuts for the rich, deprives 24 million Americans of health insurance and raises health insurance premiums.  -full article here-

We need a candidate who believes that every American has the right to quality for affordable health care, who defends Medicaid and Medicare, who ensures veterans better access to medical care and who champions women's health care including reproductive health.


Women's rights

We need a representative who supports equal pay, equal rights, and women's reproductive rights.  A woman’s healthcare decisions should be between a woman and her doctor, not a woman and her employer.  Birth control, like any other routine preventive medication, should be covered by insurance and coverage should not be dictated by an employer’s personal or religious beliefs. 


Civil Rights

The Central Valley needs a representative who recognizes the equality of all Americans no matter their race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, language, age, or national origin.  Equal protection under the law must be upheld for all.

Voting rights are the bedrock of our democracy.  Our representative needs to respect this and fiercely protect the voting rights of every American.  Our valley has a proud history in the fight for civil rights.  The work of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta and many other labor and civil rights leaders were born here.  People in this community believe strongly in fair play and the opportunity to work hard without discrimination.  We need a leader who reflects these values.

We need a representative with a strong belief in the freedom to practice religion in peace.  And to oppose any attempt to ban people from this country on the basis of their religious practices.  These unconstitutional practices can not be allowed to creep into our policies and laws.

The fight to preserve liberties and freedoms does not end in the physical world.  As more of our lives become connected to the internet and to online communities, we need a representative in Congress who will fight for strong encryption and continued access to private communication.


Immigrant's rights


LGBTQ Rights

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Conclusion from Police  

"Given the cumulative weight of the evidence linked above, the rise in immigration is arguably one of the reasons that crime rates have decreased in the United States over the past decade and a half—and even more so in cities of immigrant concentration. A further implication of this evidence is that if immigrants suddenly disappeared and the U.S. became immigrant-free (and illegal-immigrant free), crime rates would likely increase. The problem of crime and incarceration in the United States is not “caused” or even aggravated by immigrants, regardless of their legal status.  But the uncritical and evidence-optional assumption that the opposite is true persists among policymakers, the media, and the general public, thereby impoverishing a genuine understanding of complex phenomena—a situation that undermines the development of evidence-based, reasoned public responses to both crime and immigration."

More content to come.