Fighting for the Central Valley and America



Fighting for the Central Valley and America
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Fighting for the Central Valley and America

Every day, the news from the Trump administration challenges some of the most fundamental values of American Life.  These actions demand a response and while we must all work together to resist them, we can't afford to only react.  We must also be proactive.  Even though our district is not considered a swing district, we believe this is a unique moment in time in which Devin Nunes is vulnerable.  

Devin Nunes, our congressman, utterly failed his responsibility as the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. His handling of the Russia-Trump probe was terribly inept, partisan, and dishonest.

Even with 50 % of his constituents in the Medicaid program, he voted for the AHCA which placed many of his constituents in dire medical situations by devastating our medical safety net system. 

Unlike Devin Nunes's unwavering support for Trump, we do not agree with Trump's anti-veteran and anti-environmental policies, anti-women's rights, and disregard for basic human rights.

It's time to replace Devin Nunes.  In doing so, constituents in CA-22 will do our part to change Washington D.C.  Whether you are within the district or not, please help us fund our campaign and/or volunteer.  Most importantly, register to VOTE (link below).  Together We Will #UnseatNunes!  

Map of CA-22 District- Click Here

I want to help unseat Nunes!  (We are now supporting FRANCO FOR CONGRESS)

Register to Vote!

It only takes 2 minutes!

  • You will need a driver's license number or social security number
  • If you choose the mail-in ballot option, you will receive your ballot a few weeks before election day allowing you to vote from home.

"Some politician some years ago said that bad officials are elected by good voters who do not vote." -Dwight D. Eisenhower